Mandela Effect Round Table: Dr. Lupo And The Ladies Of ME

This is a long round table at 4.5 hours! I highly recommend giving it a listen, as it covers a lot of different topics at intermediate to high levels of Enlightenment, from crystals to ghosts to ME to everything in between.

A lot of these ladies from different disciplines and different points of view are coming to a broad common ground.  I think this trend will continue, and that we will see an emergence of a new category / group of society that will help bring back true spirituality into the world, as opposed to the controlled non-spiritual  religions The Powers That Be keep creating for us. The only thing that can stop this great awakening, I feel would be World War III.


YT description: Join the live stream show for the first ever “Ladies Of The Mandela Effect.” One of my featured guests is crystal expert Gaby. We will see how crystals have changed with the Mandela Effect and learn some basics about them. I then will feature Robin Gilmore who says a cemetery is now different after the Mandela Effect. After that we will be joined by Jynx Cat, Dana, Sharon and more. Join us live at 8:00pm EST. 4-6-17.

Robin Gilmore –

Jynx Cat –

Dana Jensen –

Healer Sharon –

Perrrfection –…

Case Parks –…

Cynthia Sue Larson –…

Title: 🔴 LIVE: The Ladies of The Mandela Effect Roundtable – 4-6-17 8:00pm EST. (YT link) Uploaded by Dr Tarrin P Lupo.


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