United States: Trump Apologists Make Excuses For Syria Bombing

YT description: Trump Excuses! 1) “Someone got to him and forced him to attack Syria!” 2) “He must be listening to bad advisers!” 3) “Nasty people tricked him!” 4) “He’s so clever, this must be part of a brilliant plan!” 5) “This is somehow Obama’s fault!” 6) “Hillary would have been worse!” 7) “Okay, so Trump sold out!” 8) “I’m so disappointed that Trump has changed!” No, he didn’t change, or get tricked, or sell out. He was this from the beginning. Some of us saw that. If YOU didn’t, then maybe YOU should stop making excuses, and just admit that YOU got duped.

Title: Trump Apologists Are Desperately Trying to Make Excuses for Syria Attack! (YT link) Uploaded by New World Agenda.


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