Canada: Sandra Solomon, Kevin Johnston Exposed As Zionist Moles

You know, if Guinness and Rebel Media are exposed, and they are associated as Zionist shills with Alex Jones and Infowars, what does that say about Milo Yiannapoulos, formerly with Breitbart, a right wing website that is run by Jews? Guinness and Milo were seen together a lot last summer pushing for Trump. In one case, Guinness even kissed Milo to prove that he was not anti-gay.


YT description: USA: Clashes break out between protesters on first day of AIPAC conference…
Kevin J. Johnston…
Reporter called “racist” over Muslim school prayer query…
Niece of top Arafat aide so loves Israel she had it tattooed on her back…

Title: Sandra Solomon EXPOSED – Kevin J Johnston and the Rebel ZIONIST Mission! (YT link) Uploaded by New World Agenda.


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