Alexander Lawrence: Anti-Christ Named And Dark Resurrection

I’ll save you an hour, the Anti-Christ, according to Lawrence’s speculation, is leviathan from the Bible. That could mean anything from a giant Satanic creature living under the ocean to Satan being born into a human body, so no, the Anti-Christ is alluded to, but not named.

This is yet another guy who cherry-picks Bible passages and spot-picks other mythologies to fit his interpretation, which is fine as other authors do the same, but Lawrence does not tie things together convincingly and he ignores basically all of mythology that was around before Rome invented his Bible. Lawrence is smart enough to figure out that Old Testament hater god El is really Saturn, and he is smart enough to understand that Isis and Horus are about sun worship, but he’s not smart enough to link Isis and Horus to their later incarnations as Mary and Jesus.

Babylon, Egypt, India and the Gnostic texts debunk the Bible and Roman sun worship. Case closed.


Title: The Antichrist has been NAMED and “Dark Resurrection” is Coming! (YT link) Uploaded by Josh Tolley.


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