L.A. Marzulli: A Creature So Scary It Can’t Be Named (Skinwalkers)

Every so often, I check on the big names to see if they have anything new to talk about, AND THE EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP. That’s why I took a chance here. L.A. Marzulli is in the same shyster category as Rob Skiba, Tom Horn and Steve Quayle, in that they are quasi-Christians that work the circuit to milk people out of their money. Take Horn, who went from sensationalizing Giants under the Vatican, to Giants in Afghanistan and most recently to Aliens in Antarctica. None of his shit ever gets verified.

Same thing with Marzulli. He was all over the Giant trend, before he jumped over to Aliens, and now he’s talking about Skinwalkers. Or rather, he’s skirting around the word ‘Skinwalkers,’ because, ooooh, just saying that word is soooo scary! In shyster terms, this is how the gullible public is set up. Marzulli gives very little actual information in this interview, because information costs money, but he does go on to say you should buy his book on, ooooh, Skinwalkers. (Because there aren’t already dozens of detailed Skinwalker videos on Youtube!) What’s your next book going to be about, Marzulli? Ooooh, witches?

Josh Tolley FAILED by not calling him out.

You know what? In the description, Tolley warns people to listen to this interview with the lights on. That’s gay. There is nothing scary here. If you want scary, real stories, search this blog for my posts featuring Steph Young.


YT description: A Blood Curse is upon the earth and there is a creature lurking out there that those who know won’t even call out its name. **Watch with the lights on**

Title: LA Marzulli: A Creature So Scary We Dare Not Say Its Name (S.W.) (YT link) Uploaded by Josh Tolley.


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