Jacob Israel: Planet X Discovered, Mars, CERN And Pyramids

People like me who have been trying to unravel the puzzle of Planet X were vindicated when the official announcement of ‘Planet 9’ was made early in 2016. You have to understand that people like Robert Harrington and others died ‘under mysterious circumstances’ while doing research on this.

Why? Because The Powers That Be want to control the narrative. They want the public to look to them for answers, instead of digging into ancient history where we have a whole lot of stuff to go through, such as the Sumerian Tablets that Sitchin deciphered.

NASA = Never A Straight Answer


YT description: The joke it not on us anymore. This episode takes us behind the curtain and everything is going to be revealed. Please do Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe and don’t forget to check that bell, it means the world to me.

The ANU and NASA citizen campaign to find Planet Nine is paying off big time, but as you will see there is more to it than that. And is there more to Cern’s April Fools Story, I believe there is and by the end of this program you will too.

Title: Planet X Discovered! Shocking Mars Discovery, Cern Deception and Pyramid Connection! (YT link) Uploaded by Jacob Israel.


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