False Flag Syria: Ron Paul – Chemical Attack Likely A False Flag

This is under Lord Trump’s regime, sheep. Who benefits? That would be the same people who were behind the chemical attacks in Syria last time – the United States of Rothschild and the terrorist state of Israel. Thanks, CIA / Mossad!


From the article on Zero Hedge: Ron Paul: “Zero Chance” Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag

According to former Congressman Ron Paul, the chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun that killed 30 children and has led to calls for the Trump administration to intervene in Syria could have been a false flag attack.

“It looks like maybe somebody didn’t like that so there had to be an episode,” said Paul, asking, “who benefits?”

It doesn’t make any sense for Assad under these conditions to all of a sudden use poison gases – I think there’s zero chance he would have done this deliberately,” said Paul.

Title: Syria Gas Attack: Assad’s Doing…Or False Flag? (YT link) Uploaded by Ron Paul Liberty Report.


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