United States: Snowflake Reacts To Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Failure

This is half an hour long, but it is worth every minute. Snowflake boy got jokes! …and a neon blue stress ball in case his critique gets too heavy!


YT description: The Resistance Is Lit!

Pepsi released an ad trying to capitalize on the hot new trend of protesting! And it stars Kendall Jenner! She’s the voice of the common person fighting oppression, right? Oh man, what could go wrong.

Let’s take apart this ad frame by frame.

And yes it’s possible to be critical of something without being offended by it. Which is the case here.

Title: KENDALL JENNER’S NEW PEPSI COMMERCIAL IS SO BAD. Here’s Why It Sucks (YT link) Uploaded by Daryn Jones.


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