Prophecy: Iraq Turns Catholic, Damascus, Syria In Trouble

Most sheep are too dumb to put 2 and 2 together. World War III started during the CIA / Arab Spring in 2011. The Crusades 2.0 began in Egypt after Mubarak was pushed out of the presidency and Christian persecution went on an uprise.  Plain and simple, this is a power / land / influence grab going along the lines of what the Catholic Church and Rome have always done. I’m sure the history books of 2050 will be calling this a religious war instead of what it really is, a re-branding of the same Old World Order globalist takeover. Like P.K. Dick said, the Empire never ended.


YT description: Damascus is under siege from every direction, though its fall may not be imminent it is definitely under siege by multiple rebel groups in-crouching on the ancient city.……………

Title: Prophetic Alert: Damascus Is In Trouble (YT link) Uploaded by Israeli News Live.


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