B-Boy Dance Battle: 2009 – King Foolish Vs Mounir (BOTY)

King Foolish in blue, Mounir in orange. Not sure why it went to a tiebreaker, as blue was outshining the competition.


YT description: Special Battle of the Year 20th Anniversary event in Braunschweig, Germany on 16th of October 2009. For the first time in BOTY history, they integrated a 1 vs 1 battle in the side events. 16 of the world´s best dancers competed against each other in a K.O. system. These dancers were chosen from the world´s B Boy elite. All of them already won competitions or participated in big events like the Red Bull BC One, IBE or the UK Championships. Prize money was 1500 Euro! Dancers: King Foolish (Sweden/Octagon Crew) Mounir (France/Vagabonds Crew)

Title: BATTLE OF THE YEAR BOTY 2009 1on1 – KING FOOLISH VS MOUNIR by YAKfilms (YT link) Uploaded by YAK Battles.


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