Movie: Farscape – S01 E01 Through The Eye Of The Needle

When compared to the other TV shows I’ve posted, like Star Trek Continues and Space 1999, this first episode of Farscape looks like a live action cartoon. There are way too many scientific gaps and straight out absurdities, i.e. human breathing, alien physiology, the large size of the prison ship, only  three prisoners on a prison ship but no security, a nonsensical villain etc., to simply overlook for somebody like me that has an analytical mind.  What’s up with all those colors? I feel like I’m watching Spongebob, for crying out loud! Why does the lead protagonist have to be such a pussy? Maybe this series will grow on me, as I’ve got a couple more episodes on my cue, but so far it SUCKS MAJOR ASS.


YT comments:

better than all star trek serieses combined – Raymond Williams

Too bad that they didn’t think it useful to employ a qualified scientific adviser. The experiment they describe is absurd, to the point of offending common sense. – ep5tv

Title: Farscape Season 01 Episode 01 Through the Eye of the Needle TSV (YT link) Uploaded by Jessica Read.


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