Mandela Effect: Capricorn Was Never A Mermaid-Goat In My Reality!

Video posted in July of 2016. For me, Capricorn was a simple goat. Not a snail-goat, and not a mer-goat either! The voting:

seashell version – 332

mer-thing version – 94

(Note: the YT comments are primarily mentioning a four-legged goat!)


YT description: I have always known the Capricorn symbol of the Zodiac to be a sea goat. For me it was always a goat in a sea shell, so you can imagine my surprise recently when I started to see images of a mermaid goat.

Here is the link to the Last Supper Video Discussed:…

Title: The Mandela Effect(Capricorn Was Never A Mermaid Goat In My Old Reality) Please Vote #21 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags 73.


One thought on “Mandela Effect: Capricorn Was Never A Mermaid-Goat In My Reality!”

  1. I am a Capricorn. One day, I realized that I was living in a paradigm where my familiar four-legged goat was represented as a sea goat. Then, I noticed today that I have slipped into a paradigm where Capricorn is represented as a mermaid goat. Despite entertaining the idea that there can be multiple realities, my brain is still blown. Metaphysically speaking, there are more than 2 (and 3) realities. Parallel realities are an accessible potentiality by us all. What matters is how we integrate the multiple aspects of self which attempt to manifest themselves into one body/one paradigm reality. When dominant personalities ‘slip’ over into a parallel time/space line, then our multiple selves have a competition of sorts for optimum awareness of self. Memories tend to travel with the most evolved of our consciousnesses. Best of luck integrating multiple selves as space and time continues to collapse through the negative end of a vortex as we enter a phase of space and time where all possibilities have the potential to manifest in whichever way our most unified selves desire.


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