Mandela Effect: 13 Year Old Genius Explains The Mandela Effect

Interesting kid. He’s already being compared to Tesla and working on Free Energy devices. I’ll look up more stuff by him later.


YT description: Hey Trolls, if one of the smartest kids in the world believes in the Mandela Effect perhaps you should to 🙂

Special thanks to Rachel for allowing me to sharing this with the world!…

Title: Genius Max Loughan Explains the Mandela Effect (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.

Mandela Effect: 13 Year-Old Max Loughan’s ME Theory – (2017) 4 stars

Run time: 22 minutes. I’m no physicist, but I have delved into theories involving time travel, parallel universes and quantum theory for some time now, both as part of my fiction writing and in general because I find the speculation fun and fascinating. I get pretty much all of what young Loughan is trying to convey. Let me put my thinking cap on so I can throw of my own thoughts into this mix.

Okay, first off, Loughan states that we switched from one timeline to another, like a train switching to a different set of tracks that run parallel to the first one. I would argue this is not so because things have been and still are changing. So, the idea is that we went from 1st Avenue to 2nd Avenue, where both streets start at the same place and travel along side by side toward the same distant point. I don’t agree with this because it assumes that time moves in a straight line like a stick. That’s not what the ancients say. In culture after culture, we have advanced astronomers, sages and shaman describing time as circular, and we also have metaphysical gurus saying time doesn’t exist at all. The only thing that does exist is the soul consciousness in the present NOW moment.

In Hologram Universe Theory, our reality is a computer program that souls are incarnated into for the purposes of learning and maturing. When we die, we unplug from the game. Our life memories are stored into what are known as the Akashic Records, so that some other soul can plug into our Earth life and relive it from their perspective. You can even think of this as a tourist attraction, which is why so many people recall past lives as Elvis or Jesus or other famous, historical characters. You can also substantiate this by hypnotic regression and quantum healing, where people under hypnosis tap into the Akashic Records to witness and re-experience their past lives.

If you want to go the route of physics, you have the Law Of Conservation. It is somewhat clear that energy is not boundless in our reality. We cannot have millions upon millions of universes being created physically whenever we choose to go left instead of right. At some point, reality would have to start consuming its own past, or recycle what has gone before, in order to refuel itself for all of these millions of new realities with infinite possibilities. Imagine a mechanism that tried to create infinite realities for every single one of the 7 billion people on our planet. We would have so many glitches that reality would be completely distorted by now.

However, this would be possible in a Hologram reality. Why? Because what we think of as physical matter is a finite computational object. I have to go back to the MMORPG scenario. (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) In this case, we have a universe with all sorts of limitations imposed on the characters that inhabit it. We have an enclosed and limiting environment in our known galaxy, which could be as small a microcosm as only our planet Earth. We’re born, we live our lives, we die, and we come back again in new incarnations. In this virtual reality video game, we will always have certain rules, ranging from scientific to political to biological to whatnot. This is why humans don’t give birth to elephants, and vice versa. This is why we do not find proof of evolution from monkey to man, or of an overall deity actively watching over us to keep us on our best behavior. None of that stuff exists because it is the ideas that people push onto other people. No matter how much people want to accept their ideologies as true fact, the truth is that they cannot and will not ever prove it except to others who want to willingly embrace the same ideologies. This is true because he / she said it was! No, not really.

This carousel ride has been operating for an estimated 16 billion years now, and it is still going strong. Or maybe it only began at the moment we entered into our present bodies. Maybe the universe has only existed for a thousand years. How would you know if it did or didn’t, if you weren’t there to see the beginning for yourself? Oh, we have historical books and monuments and legends and all this other stuff. Yeah, but who is to say the video game developers didn’t get that scenario ready before the game started? Who is to say that the elite and powerful didn’t impose their version of history on us, say, in the 1600s?

Oh, wait. They did do that! They imposed our history upon us during the Great Reformation, and they persecuted and killed as many people as they could who would not accept their version of ‘god’ during the Inquisition and other large-scale massacres. This is tantamount to three or four bullies running the playground at recess. Maybe this is part of the hologram, or maybe it was imposed on us by the elite or some virus / Archon infection, but either way, an indoctrination into the beast system is part of the process / deal our souls made to get here. Getting back to the point, people can jump on or jump off the carousel, but the ride / simulation keeps going with or without us.

Loughan calculates that our new universe is .000…1 percent variant from our old universe. Again, this assumes we’re going from track A to track B. We’re not. If you’ve been keeping count with Mandela Effect, we’ve gone through several large waves and several small waves. The human skull has undergone major changes three times now. The movie changes and product changes have shifted and shifted back. Geography is changing all the time, apparently. Every time it happens, more and more people are catching on. Like the chicks on One People Round Table, Scarab Performance and others, I think the biggest changes are still ahead of us. Even by the John Titor estimation, a fractional change of 3 to 5% from one world to another would cause a good number of anomalies, but this still doesn’t fully explain what we are seeing happen.

If CERN did cause this, I think they broke something in the hologram. We aren’t seeing linear changes from point A to point B. We are seeing past and present changes that are more like ripples, sort of like the radio waves Loughan draws on his napkin. Every time a crest hits, we get more changes, and then the wave drops down for a time until the next one comes along. Bear in mind that some of us have been tracking Mandela Effect phenomena for a long time now; with me I noticed my first changes in the mid-1990s. The difference today is that hundreds of thousands or even millions of people are seeing them, too.

Here’s my personal idea. God didn’t create the hologram universe. Our souls created it. Michael Connor from Gnostic Radio likes to use the phrase ‘the god above gods.’ This means, who is the god above the gods that men have fabricated for themselves? At this point, I don’t think we should be as worried about who is higher than the builders of the Hologram Universe, because we have to connect with the builders first. In fact, a lot of the ideas expressed by young Loughan can be found in the Indian Vedas, if you really understand what you’re reading. The verse below says it all, from the Ramayana, a book that was compiled from ancient oral tradition between 900 and 400 BCE:

‘What is whole, this is whole; what has come out of the whole is also whole. When the whole is taken out of the whole, the whole still remains whole.’


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