PIZZAGATE: Fans Turn On Alex Jones Like Rabid Dogs!

I completely disagree with AE’s assessment that this is Jones’ first big mistake and that everybody is being manipulated. Yes, the liberal lying media has him in its cross-hairs, and yes, I’m sure there are lots of haters out there riding the wave of resentment toward Infowars. However, this is the same Alex Jones that said Arabs run Hollywood and that has recently been spinning the lie that it was 5 dancing Arabs after 9/11. For years now, Jones has been shifting blame away from the corruptions of Zionism and Israel, because he just happened to be married to a Jewish woman. Now, people that were on the fence about him are striking back with a vengeance.

(I have posted William Cooper’s video tearing Alex Jones a new one over the lies Jones made right before Y2K.)

My opinion is that this is the first strike by the Left to restrict Freedom Of Speech. If Jones folds, and it looks like he will, it will make it easier for the Left to start attacking other critical news media such as Breitbart and Drudge.


YT description: Fans of Alex Jones have been attacking him over his ‘Pizzagate’ Apology’ but is it justified?

Alex Jones Retracts Pizzagate Fake News, the End of Infowars?

Alex Jones: “Pizzagate is real”

Title: Alex Jones Fans Turn On Him Like Rabid Dogs, but is it Justified? (YT link) Uploaded by Alex Exum.


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