Malachi Martin: 1996 – Catholic Exorcist, Full 1st Interview On C2C

Great interview. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Martin says, but this man lived a very tough and very frightening life. This broadcast is 3 hours long.


YT description: October 18th 1996 – 1st interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM –

Something that authenticates His honesty and appreciation of truth was his later exposing of the corruption in the vatican and the worship of satan going on there. – Both He (Malachi Martin) and Gabriel Amorth (another vatican exorcist) both have confirmed that there is satanic worship going on in the vatican by priests.

For both men to know the power of the vatican and still come forward with such truth shows their integrity, even if I think they have some doctrine and dogma which is not completely correct. He is a very interesting person to listen to, with much wisdom about the subject

Title: exorcist Malachi Martin interview (3 hours) topic: demonic possession and exorcism (YT link) Uploaded by Vessel Anaw.


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