Movie: Sumuru starring Alexandra Kamp (2003, Sci-Fi, Amazons)

Spoilers and comments down below.

Title: Sumuru English (YT link) Uploaded by Ghostdreamer.

Sumuru starring Alexandra Kamp – (2003) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 30 minutes. This is a B-movie, but it is pretty good for what it is. The dialogue is a little snappy and smart-aleck, especially by lead actor Michael Shanks. He’s so-so likable in a watered down Han Solo sort of way. His sidekick shows a little emotional depth that I didn’t expect, and lead heroine Alexandra Kamp really stole the show with her beauty and above average acting, especially when it came to facial expression. The rest of the cast was largely plastic. Plot was below average, locations were acceptable for the terrain, and costumes were excellent and meticulously detailed. Overall, I was entertained by this movie, and that’s the bottom line.


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