Mandela Effect: Scarab Performance Is God Smacked!

Let me say this. Whatever you believe in, stick with the positive aspects of it. What SP is seeing here is a personal shift for him, from a basic, material point of view to an intermediate, spiritual level. In his perspective, he is being pointed towards the Bible, and this is fine for him. People with other beliefs might be seeing synchronicity toward their faiths as well. Again, this is not about fighting with others over details, or over whose god has the bigger penis. This is about an ascension or higher wave of mass consciousness.

In my opinion, and I’ve delved pretty deeply into the esoteric, occult and spiritual, this is not ‘god’ throwing wrenches into SP’s plans. I would say these are his Spirit Guides trying to keep him grounded. We still have massive changes coming, so it’s better to be secure in your faith than to be bickering with others over who is right or wrong. If you can find your inner balance, it will be that much harder for the material world to knock you down.

If you’re interested in more info about psychic / quantum healing, search this blog for hypnotic regressions from Alba Weinman, who is using Dolores Cannon’s techniques in her work.


YT description: The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Title: God Smacked! (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.


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