Surviving Atlantis: Part 18 – Defining The Survivors And The Parasites

I’m throwing in the towel after this one. New Earth just doesn’t keep me enthused enough to want to listen to the rest of the series. In this video, she muddles things up once again by interjecting her personal spiritual beliefs in with the Alternate Timeline scientific analysis. I hope I can find a better source of this information elsewhere.


YT description: Law of Attraction, Yonaguni, Who is God, Revenge and other answers to comments

Title: newearth 018 When the Atlantis survivors wake up, pt 18 (YT link) Uploaded by Neo I Am.

Surviving Atlantis – Part 18

Pay attention to the early part of this talk, as it is highly important. Silvie explains that the survivors of Atlantis were the original inhabitants on Earth. The parasites arrived and waged war, very nearly were victorious, and have set their barbaric culture on us.

Look at the human body. We did not evolve horns, fangs or claws. We don’t have thick hides or great strength when compared even to chimps. We don’t have fur for cold weather, advanced night vision, hearing or smell for hunting, and our young take around 12 to 15 years, at least, to be able to fend for themselves. All of these are signs that human beings are not a warring species. We were builders and thinkers, not destroyers or manipulators. The idea that an alien culture has been yoked upon us can be exemplified by studying the Social Justice Warriors of today. These people were taught to hate so much and so convincingly that to them milk has become racist, Halloween costumes and Civil War monuments are detestable, and red hats provoke hatred and violence. If you cannot see the absurdity of this, you’re as lost as the Snowflakes are.

Having said that, I completely disagree when Silvie says we should take the high road and become the peaceful, benevolent beings we should be. It’s too late for that. Bending over for the parasites will result in our getting shafted twice as hard. When people get sick or get cancer, they look for ways to abort their illness. People don’t just sit back and let a disease take over their body until it kills them. She calls the bad guys parasites, so how do you get rid of a parasite? By turning the other cheek or by fighting it? Once these malevolent beings are gone, expelled, isolated or killed, then we can start thinking about peace among ourselves.

By following Silvie’s way of thinking, if Muslim refugees start robbing and raping all of Europe, should we be nice to them and encourage them? Hell no! You send these barbarians back to their barbaric countries and barbaric way of life, or else their cancer will spread and infect the civilized, intellectual nations. Like I wrote, we can create our own reality that is cancer free. Silvie argues that we have no right to harm another living being, but let’s see how far her preaching will get her at the refugee Jungle camp in Calais, France.

The Law Of Attraction won’t work if your higher self doesn’t think it should. This keeps an incarnated soul following whatever life plan it entered when it was born. Not all of us were born to be rich and materialistic, because part of our lesson plan might be to remain poor and humble. If the Law Of Attraction did work for everyone, guess what, we would have worldwide peace and love, with a handful of warmongers and corrupt types whose voices would have very little impact on the rest of us good guys. Earth reality as we know it is a classroom, not a paradise.

Silvie mentions Karma later. I can agree with that point of view. Actually, she goes on to say something very similar to what I wrote above.

Silvie makes some very good observations on the Yonaguni site, going as far as to criticize alternative archeologist Robert Schoch. Schoch was the guy who claimed the dating on the Egyptian sphinx was much older than what we’ve been told, and was the basis for the nerdy scientist character in the Stargate movie. Structures similar to the underwater site have been found in South America and on Yonaguni island. The picture shown at 21:22 is very convincing for me.


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