Abandoned: Exploring Vollmar’s Park, Ohio, Part 1 – 2011

I can’t believe how much of a Nervous Nellie Ben is, and he’s out there exploring all these abandoned and isolated sites. His buddy just walks into dark spots like there’s nothing to worry about. This video is almost up to 17,000 views.

Part 2 is coming up next.


YT description: http://abandonedexploration.com/ Help with a donation if you can!

I hope you guys enjoy this special video as my friend Danny and I venture into the Abandoned “Vollmar’s Park” in Bowling Green, Ohio! It blows me away seeing the park today compared to even 5 years ago in photos and especially when I picture it was lively and thriving with fun. It actually chokes me up. All that the park can do now is watch time pass by.

Title: Abandoned Vollmar’s Amusement Park (Part 1) (YT link) Uploaded by Abandoned Exploration Adventures.


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