Abandoned: Brave Return To Explore Abandoned House No. 1

This guy is so frightened it’s funny. If I was out there, I think I would have gone inside. It would have taken me half an hour to build up the courage, but I would have done it. If it was nighttime, hell no!


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Decided my last video on this house was to short, so I thought I’d look around a little bit more. But believe you me, I’m never going in this place. It really has this truly odd feeling around it.

Title: Abandoned House #1.2 (Brave Return) (YT link) Uploaded by Abandoned Exploration Adventure.

I don’t have a video camera to prove this, but over the last couple of years I’ve explored filthy sewer tunnels, community colleges and public parks at night while chasing down a haunted guy’s ghosts, and a couple of operating cemeteries multiple times, from the grounds to the crypts to the place where they keep the cremated remains. I’ve even had a few picnics at those graveyards while trying to track down lost spirits. I have run into angry spirits a couple of times, but after having some experience with that, let’s just say I didn’t run off.

If you can handle some serious paranormal shit, leave a comment and I’ll post a link to my Thorns website.


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