Abandoned: Bad Vibes At Haunted House Number 7

Ben looks to be a sort of empath, or open to catching the vibes from others. If this is right, I’ll tell you what just happened. A negative spirit was walking around behind him the entire time. The energy this spirit was giving off is what spooked Ben, as I’m sure he isn’t accustomed to feeling anything like that.

Whatever was following him, I don’t think it was demonic. If it was, it would have given Ben a jolt of fear that would have sent him scampering for his car. What was there was likely a disembodied spirit that was guarding the house, or a thought-form created by someone that used to live there. I’m in my forties now, but back when I was in my twenties, I could walk down the city block and feel bad energy coming from certain houses. There are poltergeists that simply want to come get a closer look at people, and there are demons that come with the intent to harm. Luckily, I think Ben experienced the former instead of the latter.


YT description: http://abandonedexploration.com/ Help with a donation if you can!

This place had a really eery feeling about it from the beginning. For some reason, the location made the situation very strange and something was preventing me from being my usually thrilled and eager self to go inside. Maybe some day I will, but this time it just didn’t feel right.

Title: Abandoned House #7 (The Haunted) (YT link) Uploaded by Abandoned Exploration Adventures.


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