Surviving Atlantis: Part 15 – Science, Psychic Surgery And Rockets

Silvie goes off topic a couple of times, but for the most part this is a good episode. The psychic surgery segment is amazing.


Title: the survivors, 15 – Science, Psychic Surgery, medieval rockets, holographic reality (YT link) Uploaded by New Earth.

Surviving Atlantis – Part 15

Psychic healing, levitation and mental powers may have been abilities available to the Atlanteans.

Silvie makes the assumption that in a hologram universe, nothing can happen by chance. I believe this as well, but up to a scientific point. After having delved into this idea for a long time now, both by studying science, metaphysics and from personal events I have witnessed and tested, I have come up with a general theory of the dynamics of the artificial construct that we call reality. The universe works on rigid mathematical formulae. These formulae have narrow ranges, but periodically the tight ranges will expand to allow brief insertions of novelty. In other words, our lives are not planned out down to the nano-second. We have free will and the people around us have free will as well. Our free will affects others, and the obverse if also true. The concept of a massive online video game is most apt. You tap into the video game universe as an avatar, you interact with artificial avatars belonging to other real people, and you play under the computer code, allowances and restrictions that the game designers worked out. There are parameters, but you are free to move around, interact and do things within those parameters. In this way, the avatar might evolve, mature or even die, while the real person is watching the action from a detached perspective. The real person would be your soul, as it exists outside of the game.

I don’t agree with the idea that we are hamsters spinning a wheel. That can’t be right, otherwise why would we bother incarnating in the first place? I think that there are younger, immature souls taking up the vast majority of people on Earth. These souls, I’m guessing, came from simpler existences on other planets, or from animal or plant bodies here on Earth. They haven’t experienced enough human lifetimes to gain wisdom, and so most people spend their entire lives focusing on building relationships and getting along with people they don’t necessarily agree with. Because these are immature souls, they are easy for manipulators to control, such as the parasites Silvie mentions. When the video game becomes a quagmire of corruption and retarded advancement, then supervisors have to come in to sort the whole mess out, up to a reboot and repopulation of the entire game. During and after a reboot, a new and advanced version of the hologram universe and its inhabitants takes place, helping to explain the various versions of proto-men that are found in archeology, that will never be linked together in Darwin’s evolutionary theories.

Historical info starts up at 19 minutes in.

Silvie states that rockets first appeared in Europe in the 17th century, seemingly out of nowhere and with no previous evidence. Uh, no. That would be Chinese history she should go and take a look at, where we have gunpowder and firecrackers from a much earlier date. I can’t recall exactly when, but I’ll look it up. In fact, I think I remember a documentary where the Ancient Chinese or Medieval Europeans, pre-Renaissance, used a weapon much like a multi-shot rocket launcher, where several volleys were launched all at once after the fuse was lit. (According to my World Book Encyclopedia, Chinese armies used ‘arrows of flying fire’ in the 13th century. These were propelled by charcoal, saltpeter and sulfur.)

I recall that for one of my novels, I came across the use of the word ‘firecracker’ going as far back as the 11th century in William the Conqueror’s England. Perhaps the streamlined rocket shape and the distance they could cover were evolving during those 600 years or more, but the basic idea of explosive propulsion is not that recent.

At 24 minutes in, we see examples of surgical procedures from the ancient past. These include actual skulls and also artwork.


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