Surviving Atlantis: Part 12 – Napoleon, Champollion Ruined Egypt

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Title: the survivors, 12 – the Unknown History of Ancient Egypt, Napoleon in Egypt, Champollion, Pyramid (YT link) Uploaded by New Earth.

Surviving Atlantis – Part 12

Jean-Francois Champollion is credited with deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics. However, it can be shown that people were reading them prior to him. Alexander Turner Cory wrote the book The Hieroglyphics Of Horapollo Nilous. This was a dictionary for deciphering the language that was later discredited.

Official history tells us that Napoleon liberated Egypt. Among the things Napoleon did was to line his soldiers before the sphinx so they could shoot at its face. Scholars traveling with Napoleon and other scholars wrote that most of the outer casing of the pyramids was still intact. The casing was covered with an estimated ten thousand pages of writing, some in languages that belonged to peoples who no longer existed. Right after this European attack, people allegedly began using the casing stones as building material elsewhere. (This mimics what the Conquistadors did to the Americas, and what modern subversive groups with Western ties, such as ISIS, are doing in the Middle East today.)

Champollion carefully masked the names found in hieroglyphics and helped to destroy artifacts. The Egyptians were blamed for the damage.


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