Surviving Atlantis: Part 11 – The Keepers Of Egyptian Secrets

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Title: the survivors, 11 – the last keepers of the Egyptian secrets, the Mamluks and the Coptic Christians (YT link) Uploaded by New Earth.

Surviving Atlantis – Part 11

Before the Mamlukes were wiped out, researcher Martin Baumgartner met their king. The man is described as 45 years old, with a long, reddish face and blonde hair. The man had a long, reddish, pointed beard, wore a turban and Turkish attire.

A picture from 1905 shows the daughter’s of Egypt’s King Pasham. The four little girls all look Caucasian.

Almin Al-Holi wrote the book The Links Between The Nile And Volga In The XII – XIV Centuries. This further establishes that the Mamlukes were considered part of the Slavic peoples. Mamluke rulers did not speak Arabic. After intermingling with Arab peoples, some Mamlukes converted to Islam, while other remained Christian and became known as Coptic. European supposed Christians arrived to wipe out the Coptic Christian Mamlukes under the guise of freeing Egypt from oppression. (From what I gather here, the original Coptic version of Jesus was Gnostic. This matches my own research where I theorize that the original Christians being persecuted by Rome were Gnostic.)

The Egyptian empire was in severe decline back then. The last few Egyptian pharaohs were Christian. Jesus appeared at that time to reiterate a Gnostic message, which brought about European contempt. To create a large separation and dilute this message, European chronology pushed back the age of pharaohs by 1,000 years.

Coptic religious doctrine comes directly from Egyptian doctrine. (I’ve made a similar link myself, where I believe that Gnostic Christianity came from Buddhism, as many of the core principles are the same. I also see the obvious connection between the Egyptian ankh and the Christian cross.)

Christian-styled crosses are found in Egyptian hieroglyphics and carvings.

In the 18th century, the Jesuits were sent to Egypt to create the official history of that country. The Jesuit con artists were very influential in pushing their agenda, as the invented history was already accepted in Europe. Silvie compares this to how badly modern academia treats archeologists who present evidence that counters the official story, and I have to say that I completely agree with her.

(I have to wonder here if Pope Francis, a Jesuit militant general, is truly the False Prophet that Christians have been fearing in the book of Revelation.)


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