Prophecy: Proof The Billy Meier Predictions Are True And Suppressed

Uh… I don’t think so. I’ve looked into the Meier stuff several different times now, and I walk away shaking my head on every single occasion except for the first time. These alien contacts started up in 1958, right, so in 60 years the best we’ve got is some cheesy photos of decorated trash can lids, some strange noise recording, some corrosive acid fingerprints and, admittedly, a decent sci-fi story to weave all that together. Apparently, nobody can attach a piece of metal to a tree and take a picture of it.

Meier spokesman Tom Horn says there are no gods or advanced beings in this reality, but later he says Semaja (the lead bad guy from the Book of Enoch) was an El and father of Adam. Horn also says that aliens are not allowed to intervene in human affairs, but later he says they stopped nukes from tearing holes in the atmosphere and destroying the Earth’s ozone layers.

It is easy to say all these predictions came true after the fact, and like Horn states, there is no way he can prove any of his story is true. Like I said, it’s been 60 years already. The message of peace is great, but that alien part, that’s got no wings on it.


YT description: In Meiers 215th Contact, known as the Henoch Prophecies, special emphasis was placed on America and the very times we are in. (These prophecies are contained in the 2004 book, And Still They Fly!) More recent comments by Meier have also carried harsh and heavy warnings about the current American administration and leadership and the danger of its leading the world into a cataclysmic Third World War. Considering the credibility the Plejaren have established with their track record of accuracy since at least 1975, it would be wise for us to give serious consideration to their warnings about the future. Of course, it is up to each interested person to do the research necessary to determine the accuracy and authenticity of the Meier Contacts for themselves.

Title: Proof Billy Meier Henoch Prophecies are True and Being Suppressed (YT link) Uploaded by UAMN TV.


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