Surviving Atlantis: Part 10 – The Sahara, Berbers And White Egypt

I’m not implying that all of Ancient Egypt was white, but that at least some portion of 1 million mummies had blonde and red hair. Ancient Egypt was surely as ethnically diverse as any 1st world country is today. Oh, and Ancient India was also equally diverse, based on my own research into the Aryans, Brahman priests and other groups.



Title: survivors 10- Sahara, is it 100% natural? Berbers. Egyptian Blonde Mummies 213 cm. Desert Dams (YT link) Uploaded by New Earth.

Surviving Atlantis – Part 10

According to this alternate history, the pyramids of Egypt had caretakers up until 200 years ago. At that time, the caretakers were massacred and the pyramids were scavenged for building materials. The original inhabitants of North Africa were fair-skinned Caucasians with Nordic and Slavic features. Their writing style is similar to runic writing. In the past, these people built megalithic structures. The Berber style of clothing is similar to that of Slavic nations such as Bulgaria. Silvie mentions how people of different races are shown in Egyptian artwork. (I have seen multiple ethnicities in Roman art as well, such as wealthy Negro citizens in mosaics.) After DNA testing, King Tut has been discovered to have Western European genetic markers. (This goes along with the ideas of Ralph Ellis, who states that Akhenaten and Nefertiti were white Hyksos, who later fled into Ireland and Scotland.) The survivors of Atlantis possibly established Egypt, and either created culture there or joined an already existing culture that had no pyramids.

Silvie mentions the Dogon people and their advanced knowledge of Sirius, what we call the Dog Star. She doesn’t make a connection with Atlantis, however. Isn’t it interesting that the Dogon revere the Dog Star?

Zechariah Sitchin and his Annunaki theories are brought up, but no link is given there either, only a mention that Sitchin didn’t see the full picture.

A cemetery with one million mummies was reported in 2014, including a number of blonde and redheaded people. Oddly, these people were buried according to hair color. Many of these mummies were seven feet tall. Some bodies were buried up to 40 feet deep.

Science tells us that the Sahara region went from lush green to desert conditions in a very short span of time. This may have happened extremely fast, however, as bodies have been found of people doing everyday activities and suddenly dropping dead, with no ceremony or burial. (My two cents; this is similar to the radioactive bodies found in Mohenjo Daro. Take your pick as to what may have caused it: advanced human or alien weaponry, solar radiation fluxes or plasma discharges from proximity to Nibiru.)

Where did all the Saharan sand come from all of a sudden? Silvie mentions buried cities at Teotihuacan and Cholula, Mexico. (I’ll add Turkey’s Gobleki Tepe to that list.) In Mexico, it was the representatives of the Catholic Church that possibly buried the pyramids and built churches on top. (The Church did the same thing on pagan holy sites all over the world.) There are old maps showing rivers and valleys in the Sahara, but are these ancient maps or relatively recent maps? Archeologists have uncovered several dams buried in the sand. These dams are in very good condition.

Lines similar to those at Nazca, Peru are pointed out.

Round craters similar to nuclear detonations have been found. One is called the Richat Structure, or the Eye of the Sahara. The official story is that this anomaly occurred naturally. The alternative view is that the rocks were melted.

(Note: Some of the Egyptian artwork shows crescent moon symbolism on the headdresses. I can’t help but wonder if this is associated with the crescent shapes seen on Samurai headgear from a previous episode.)

Silvie mentions a people called the Mamlukes. These were part of the last wave of Atlantis survivors and the keepers of ancient knowledge. When these people were killed in 1811, modern historians may have invented a story of who these people were.

A 500 year-old map in Nuremberg shows a number of ancient sailing vessels. This map is of Constantinople / modern Istanbul. The vessels show a number of flags, including the crescent moon, the two-headed eagle and a ship with both a sphinx and a Christian cross on it.


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