Johnathan Tran: White House Jumper On Blood Money, Predators

As with the last Tran video, this guy isn’t giving us a whole of substance to go with what he’s saying. In other situations, I’d say this was the patsy for a False Flag operation, like the Santa Barbara rich kid who complained about his life right before he went on a terror spree, allegedly. The only reason I’m not calling this a hoax yet is because he’s involving both the DNC and Trump at the same time.

Maybe he’s scared to give out the details, but what does he really have to lose at this point? The cops turned him down, the FBI took his statement, his dossier is supposedly twisted around so why not set the record straight once and for all?


YT description: More details about my experience of almost being ‘done for’ or mutilated for financial gain

Title: Blood Money, Predators (YT link) Uploaded by Johnathan.


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