Mandela Effect: Germany Attacked New York Harbor In WWI

I don’t remember the Statue of Liberty on a star-shaped or solar base, either. I recall it as a square base all the way to the ground, based on overhead images I’ve seen.

Yahoo images of Statue of Liberty, aerial view.


YT description: A viewer just brought this up to our attention and it seems that America has had more than one major terrorist attack in it’s history, and I’m not talking about Oklahoma or 9/11.


Not only has the geography of the world changed, but the event within it have manifested into something entirely new! I’m freaked out!!!

Civil War, WW1, WW2 video:…

Asia Changed Video:…

Video by “American Heroes Channel”:…

Title: Mandela Effect: NEW WW1 Terror Attacks on America by GERMANY!!! Black Tom Explosion!!! (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.


One thought on “Mandela Effect: Germany Attacked New York Harbor In WWI”

  1. Look at a new map of New york in relation to the coast..New york was moved further inland toward the great lakes..remember the storms that flooded new york? The new geography would suggest the whole state of New hampshire would have been flooded to achieve that!


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