PIZZAGATE: Fully Sourced, Simply Organized Summary From Voat

From December, 2016. Also see my post:

PIZZAGATE: Fully Sourced Executive Summary Of Findings


After the Reddit thread was deliberately banned by The Powers That Be, a lot of researchers went over to Voat to continue the investigation. This thread was submitted an hour ago by Caliginosity, 12/05/16. Repost or retweet this post or the Voat webpage, but get this information out there. The shills are all over the place trying to drown our voices out.


Welcome to Pizzagate: Fully sourced, simply organized, summary and history of main findings

Be prepared to go down the rabbit hole. Nothing alone may be convincing. And each little thing taken alone seems coincidental. It’s the entire package which makes it very eerie and quite terrifying. There seems to be overwhelming evidence that pedophilia rings are within the government as a means of blackmailing people as an initiation tool to preserve power, control, and wealth under the guise of satanic rituals/black magic into their secret cabal.

Although there have been many accounts of this throughout the years, what ignited the investigation were the suspicious emails from John Podesta via Wikileaks. John Podesta is a former chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign and a former Cheif of Staff to Bill Clinton. Wikileaks has a 100% accuracy record for revealing government corruption over 10 years. There is much more uncovered, but for simplicity sake, I have summarized and sourced the following information. Please read in entirety before you make up your mind and be aware that propaganda programs have existed, like project mockingbird, and still do exist in order to control the people and prevent them from knowing what is truly going on:


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