Mandela Effect: New Animals From Our Merged Reality

Some of these I have heard of, actually seen or researched before, like the narwhal, the okapi, that pelican-like bird that comes right after those two and some of the deep sea fish. That cat at 5:10 looks really cool. Some of these may be Photoshopped, but some of those creatures look really bizarre, as if they couldn’t possibly exist due to coloration or natural adaptation on my Old Earth. Like that rodent / armadillo at the end, and the moth / hummingbird. What the hell?


YT description: source link to follow…

Title: Mandela Effect – Animals from the merged reality (YT link) Uploaded by 56 Kay Brown.


2 thoughts on “Mandela Effect: New Animals From Our Merged Reality”

  1. I don’t know how to say this, and forgive me for saying this. But there are MANY animals that have been discovered looking precisely like a penis. I believe that our sick “elite” have been making genetic experiments in laboratories and creating animals that resemble penises so they can actually “PLAY” with them in their sick fantasy worlds. There was recently a pig that was discovered in the streets of China with a living PENIS attached to its forehead. How is this possible? Some one is definitely making these Penis animals. It’s a re-occurring theme, I don’t think its a natural evolution of animals. The rest of the animals you mentioned very well could be mandela effects merging in from other realities. But they have let lose some of these “PENIS” animals on the streets, no doubt. People find them, but its not a verified species often. Just a random solo “Finding”. The animal is usually traumatized and no one knows where it came from. Sorry to bring this sad reality to your attention.


    1. That sounds very disturbing. It is the first time I’ve heard of it. I’ll have a look through Youtube for examples of this, but if you have any links, send them over.

      Thanks for the comment.


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