Mandela Effect: Ed McMahon Never From Publishers Clearing House

Mandela Effect Deniers suck. They make their same old lame denials, just like the UFO Deniers always say Chinese lanterns and swamp gas. When they can’t explain the residual evidence for the HUNDREDS  of MEs that have been logged, they automatically start up with the name-calling. In my reality, McMahon had these giant checks that he took up to people’s doors, and he was NOT a spokesman for this new American Family Publishers company. He was representing Publisher’s Clearing House. End of story.

This excerpt below is not from my reality.

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) was a competitor to American Family Publishing that ran similar sweepstakes. The two companies were often mistaken for each other, with Ed McMahon and Dick Clark, the spokespeople for AFP, mistaken for representatives of the better-known PCH.[2] PCH continues to remain in business and promote its products by means of sweepstakes.AFP wiki


YT description: Link to the Video Where I heard about this Mandela Effect:…

Title: Mandela Effect: Ed McMahon Was Never Part Of Publishers Clearing House In This Reality! What????? (YT link) Uploaded by Money Bags 73.


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