Ancient Malta: Megalithic Ruins Hidden Under Medieval Star Forts

So, the people of Malta found these ruins, built forts on top of them, and claimed they built the entire thing from the ground up. At least other more honorable people like the Incas admitted their building sites were already there before they arrived.


YT description: This is a must see video! I did not expect to discover that much new stuff during this expedition, I even called it a Tour!

So we have these majestic start shaped town/city ruins and then the medieval fort built on them as an attempt to reuse the older base. This is very important! The first tangible link between the ancient civilisation of the rock cutters and relatively modern / medieval times when star forts were built by hundreds all over the globe.

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Title: Massive Uncharted Ruins Below the the Medieval Star Forts of Malta; the Megalithic Temples of Malta (YT link) Uploaded by New Earth.


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