Philosophy Of Renquist, Part 1 by Raymond Towers

This is part 1 in a 3 part series. I will give a brief synopsis of what I have produced here, as I have a more extensive explanation in a free e-book associated with this post. Basically, Philip K. Dick wrote a book titled VALIS, which stands for Vast Artificial Living Intelligence System, which Dick identified with the Black Knight space anomaly. At the end of his book, Dick wrote a metaphysical article titled Tractates Cryptica Scriptura. I found this article difficult to grasp in some parts, and this after many years of research into related topics. I assumed that a lay person would have even more trouble than I did, and so I went through Dick’s article and reinterpreted it based on my personal life experience. At that time, I was writing my sci-fi series Roaches In The Attic, and so I pretended to decipher Dick’s article from the viewpoint of my main character James Renquist. I was also studying the Gospel Of Thomas and used its Christian / Gnostic narrative flow as well.

Because I like to keep things organized, I have produced a 49 page pdf copy containing all of the Renquist spiritual material. This way a reader will not have to refer to what will end up being a total of 8 separate posts. This short book is available as a Creative Commons ‘copy and share’ work and is available at no charge. It contains:

  1. The original article by Philip K. Dick, titled Tractates Cryptica Scripture, under Fair Use conditions.
  2. A breakdown segment by segment, showing Dick’s sections and my reinterpretations.
  3. All 5 Before and After posts, which are found at the beginning and end of my RITA books.
  4. My full reinterpretation of Dick’s article, titled The Philosophy Of Renquist.

A copy of the CCV e-book is currently unavailable.


The Philosophy Of Renquist

Part One

  1. There is one Mind that exists above all else, and this is the Mind Of God. Within that Mind, all that has come before, all that exists now, and all that will come in the future are contained. The Finite Man is a simple creature who cannot grasp the fullness of the All-Mind, and so he must fracture it and mold it into smaller portions he can digest. The part that is most difficult for the Finite Man to comprehend is that Light and Dark exist hand in hand. One cannot thrive without the other. One cannot exist without the other. The Finite Man will see the All-Mind as a contradiction, while the Infinite Man will see it as a reflection.
  1. From God we came, and to God we shall return. This is not the god of the Finite Man, who is an invention and who possesses only the Truth as seen from the Finite perspective. The All-Mind of God sees All, because it is All. To separate from the Mind of God is to be apart from it. This creates distance. When measured, this distance becomes linear. The Finite Man has termed this measured distance Time, while the Infinite Man will see it for the illusion it really is. God represents Unity. Time apart thus becomes Separation. During Separation, we gain Experience, and with enough Experience we will gain Wisdom.

What is the purpose of being apart, you might ask? Why, to gain the Wisdom that is God, to understand that Separation must occur in order for Unity to be appreciated. Light and Dark are equal to Love and Fear. Thus, as Finite Men we must encounter both, to taste the one and then the other in its turn. We must become as the crude piece of iron, to which manganese, chromium and nickel must be added, and forged repeatedly until tempered steel is created. It the beginning, there is the crude raw material. At the end, if correctly forged, perfection will be attained. It is this perfection that is desired by God, for only then will God accept and absorb his many fragments.

  1. Look to the rat in the cage, which spins in its little wheel with the illusion that after a good amount of effort it will have traveled somewhere. This is the Finite Man in his steps that are always the same, regardless of what shoes he wears. After a time, the Finite Man will come to realize that his path is a constant from one life to the next. There is nothing new under the sun. And so, to break monotony, the scenery must be changed, and the actor must change his coat often. The Finite Man will see a new path with every life he lives, while the Infinite Man will recognize it as the same path always. By understanding that the path is the same, the Infinite Man will have traveled much further along the path than the Finite Man, who has traveled not very far at all.
  1. The All-Mind creates, sustains and destroys, as seen in the images of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, which are three reflections of the greater whole. The Finite Man is given a new coat to wear between acts, so that he appears as a new Finite Man every time. Behind him, God has produced the theater, the stage, the props and the audience, all for his loose fragment that is attempting to realize his fragmentation and yearn through trial and error in Time to return to its greater Source. The Finite Man will see a physical reality, while the Infinite Man will see the stage, the costumes and the props, and perhaps even the script.
  1. What Wisdom can be gained, in a world full of lumps of raw iron? None, I tell you. There will be no advancement along the path if no person is able to see the starting line. And so, in a linear reality, there must be those who can point to and define the start, the middle and the end. We come to a ladder with seven rungs, leading up to heaven in the clouds. Always the lower two or three rungs will teem with the bulk of humanity, for these are selfish, carnal creatures with little desire to put an effort into a climb. At each higher rung, cling those who have gained Wisdom, holding their arms out to pull a few more up to their level. Very few will reach up to grasp those helping hands. I tell you, if the higher levels are heaven, then the lower levels must be hell. The Finite Man will roll about in his selfishness, oblivious to All, like a pig wallowing in its own filth.
  1. The Finite Man is a selfish creature, yet he chooses to elect as his leaders selfish creatures just like him. What gain can be made if the blind lead the blind? Yet this is the very same rat wheel with the very same rat within it, again believing it is making progress by spinning the same old wheel. The rat is in the same cage, because it has allowed itself to be led into it. The Finite Man will point to his tyrants and say, look, that one is burdening me, yet it was the Finite Man who empowered the other to place the yoke around the Finite Man’s neck.
  1. I tell you this, oh Finite Man; there is no Savior coming to your rescue. Why would there be? All the Finite Man looks for is shortcuts and handouts, so he won’t expend any effort to save himself. What Wisdom is gained by the fat and lazy, when they choose to remain fat and lazy? Who can read the cover of a dictionary and pretend he’s read the entire book? I’ll tell you who; the Finite Man does this, because the Finite Man is a fool. The Infinite Man is like Plato, who has said, I know so much, and yet I still know nothing.
  1. Reality as seen by humans is the microcosm, a sliver of what can be seen and experienced in the dreams of God. God is the macrocosm, in his totality, in abstract perfection, and yet, God is also infinitesimal and in all things, both living and not. Will you debate this, by saying that God has created an empty pocket, a limbo, where God is not found in it at all? When a man and a woman create a child, it is both a part of them and also separate from them. This is how God created his fragments, not by slicing them from his eternal being, not by excising them with a cosmic scalpel, but through love, by giving birth to them. We are not broken shards; we are smaller holograms of the whole, each of us complete, each of us made in the image of God.
  1. You wear your blue coat, or your brown coat, or your gray. You wear a hat today, and a bonnet tomorrow. The Finite Man will see each reflection as a separate being, but this is not so. Remove the coat, and you still have the same soul underneath. There is nothing new under the sun, although the sun itself may have changed.
  1. Drop a stone into a placid pond, and what do you see? The ripples that spread out through the water radiate outwards, like wheels within wheels. This is the structure of the physical Universe. The one expounds into the other. The smallest is a reflection of the largest. By itself, the fraction is a hologram of the whole, with its own identity and also without it, as it is a fraction of something larger. The fraction will always be a part of something larger, but it will also be a whole, and it will also be capable of being divided into newer, smaller fractions. As above, so below. As within, so without. A small mirror will reflect the same as a large one.
  1. The Finite Man will see a breakdown of society through chaos and corruption. The Infinite Man will not see the same thing. Instead, the Infinite Man will see the tempering of the sword, each new forging making the sword stronger and more durable. The Finite Man will see the heaps of coal, while the Infinite Man will see the diamonds that coal will one day become. They are both right, and at the same time, they are both wrong. Yet there is no right and no wrong in the Mind Of God.
  1. The shepherd will seek to tend to his sheep. The corrupt Finite Man will become jealous, and will plan to overthrow the shepherd and take away his position, so that the Finite Man will assume that position for himself. If the Finite Man cannot corrupt the shepherd, he will seek to corrupt the sheep. Even more boastful will the Finite Man become if he can corrupt both. Woe to the shepherd, when his own flock refuses to give him heed, and follows instead after those that will lead the sheep to the slaughterhouse. Let the shepherd return time and again, to see if he can reclaim his flock away from those that would take the sheep away from him. The sun will rise and the sun will set. There is nothing new under the sun, although the sun itself has changed.
  1. The Eye of God will see everything. The Mind of God will remember everything. In microcosm, so will man see what he will see during his life, and remember what he will remember. Each one of us is an Eye of God, and each one of us possesses a fragment of the Mind of God. Therefore, the Finite Man is a holographic fragment of the greater whole. What the Finite Man sees and experiences will reach the Mind of his Creator. I am the immortal man, taking my immortal steps. But so are you, and so is the man standing across the street.
  1. Step into your car, Finite Man, and drive a distance a hundred miles away. At the end of your trip, are you in another place, or have you not moved at all? Your physical body and your car will tell you that you are one hundred miles distant from the point where you first started. The Infinite Man will see the holographic theater he is sitting in. The scenery has flashed by him, attempting to convince him he is elsewhere, but he knows this is only scenery. Time and Space are illusory; only the core of a man is a constant. In a Holographic Universe, the only thing that changes are the angles through with the Universe is viewed. You have moved, and yet you have not. You are a ship coming to port, and you are also the lighthouse that has guided it to shore.
  1. History is a computer program that originated with a handful of lines of adapting code. The code circulates continually and adds variables unto itself. The Western Finite Man will staunchly deny this and insist that time is a stick, with a beginning, a middle and an end. The more Enlightened Finite Men will look to their elders and ask, what have our elders said about this? To the Hopi, time is a hoop with no beginning or end, only constant revolution. The Aztec Suns, the Indian Yugas, and the Mayan Calendars also reflect such circularity. The only constant is change, yet historically change has never been overly abrupt or overwhelming, but slight or gradual, even in times of revolution. Therefore, there will be parallels. Look to the prophecies of the Bible or of Nostradamus. Every other year, people will say, look, this prophecy has been fulfilled and now we are close to an important date or time. Years will pass, where the prophecy will become forgotten, until new events and new times resurrect these same predictions from the past. There is nothing new under the sun, although the sun itself may have changed.
  1. See the yin and yang. There will be times of great Light, where Darkness is but a dot to mar these ages of Enlightenment. There will also be times of great Darkness, where few dots of Light will shine. This is an eternal balance. There can never be a time of absolute perfection and peace, because the fragments of God will never be in absolute Unity. The act of Separation necessitates individuality, and individuality will give each fragment its own unique view. The Golden Age was golden, but for whom was it golden? The Dark Ages were dark, but for whom were they dark? There is your balance, not by grand absolutes, but by slight degrees.

(To be continued in Part 2.)


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